Junior True Greens

Junior True Greens 1966

Michael Grimley sent us this picture of him on the Home Park pitch with some other members of the “Junior True Greens” in 1966. It would be great to hear more about the photo, and if anyone has any more information about the Junior True Greens or the identity of the former player is to add to Michael’s story below we would love to hear from you…

“During the sixties I was member of the ‘Junior True Greens’ . I think it may have been started by PR guy Fred Easton (I believe that is him in the photo )

The club allowed youngsters to meet at the ground for chats, visit dressing rooms, and on at least one occasions have a kick around on the pitch under a couple of lit floodlights. We also had a little green membership card.

Argyle also arranged for some of us to go on the pitch on a match day and greet a former player. In the photo I, am at the back of the queue to shake hands with the player (I can’t remember who?). All the boys pictured here were Whitleigh boys but the Junior True Greens had members from all over the city, although not that many members in total.

The game was on January 6th 1966. Argyle beat Rotherham 5-2. Bickle getting a brace. It was a cold, wet day. The joy of being able to sit on a bench inside the pitch perimeter was lessened by a good soaking, although the performance of the team made up for it.

The pitch as you can see was a gooey mess but everyone somehow managed to keep their shoes nice and shiny!”