Poppy Shirts

Poppy Shirts

Plymouth Argyle Poppy Shirt
Plymouth Argyle 2007 Poppy Shirt

Armistice Day is a day to commemorate and honour all of those who served and sacrificed in conflicts for their country.

We will remember them.

Poppy Shirts are now a regular part of Football’s own acts of remembrance every season. The first team to wear poppies on their shirts for Remembrance Sunday were Leicester City in 2003/04, and Argyle wore poppy shirts for the first time on 11 November 2006 in a game against the Foxes.

The shirt in the photograph is from 2007 and these were worn on 3rd November against Sheffield Wednesday and against Norwich City on 8th November 2007. The poppy is embroidered into the shirt and is similar to the design used by Scottish Poppy appeal compared to the two petal design used in the rest of the UK.

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