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The Argyle Archive has a growing collection of items from Plymouth Argyle’s history. Our objective is to maintain Argyle’s heritage, safeguard, and display  memorabilia and other items of historical interest for the enjoyment of generations to come.  

We will be displaying many items from our collection at Home Park, and  have also created a digital museum for Argyle fans and all football fans to enjoy. 

Our aim is to have 3 copies of each programme for preservation, research, reference and display. We would love to hear from you if you can help us complete our collection. For the latest list of programmes needed by the Argyle Archive please click here.

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Bob Jack was one of the great figures in Argyle’s history.   He made 105 appearances for Argyle and played in the club’s first professional game in 1903. 

Jack was appointed player-manager in 1905-06, before returning to Argyle in 1910 and managing the club for another 28 years until 1938.  He was granted a benefit match in 1922 and silver cups were awarded to each member of the winning Argyle Team.

This trophy belonged to Frank Richardson and we are delighted to have it in the Argyle Archive Collection

Find out more about this fascinating object: 

The Doug Fletcher Collection

The draft contract of former Argyle manager, the late Malcolm Allison can be viewed in our online library.

It is the contract from his first tenure as manager from 6th July 1964 until 28th April 1965. It’s a fascinating insight into what an Argyle manager was paid at the time including the incentive bonuses offered. Allison also managed the club from 16th March 1978 until 6th January 1979.  In his first period Allison took Argyle on an extended run in the League Cup, reaching the semi-final in February 1965, where they were beaten by Leicester City 4-2 over 2 legs.

In his second period managing Argyle, Allison came in on March 16th 1978 and saved the club from near certain relegation to the 4th Division for the first time in it’s history.

Although we have other contracts in our collection we will not publish any relating to anyone still living. Please contact us with any concerns.

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Home Park Insurance

The quote for insurance of Home Park valued the stadium at £155,025 in 1964 which is equivalent to of £2,690,800 in 2021.  You can see the whole quote in our online library.

Audio and Video

Graham was Argyle Club Secretary for 26 years. Speaking at two special PAHA events, Graham entertained us with fascinating tales from his time at Argyle. Visit this page to hear some of his memories and see pictures from those events. 

An interview with Argyle Goalkeeper Luke McCormick for the Argyle Fans’ Trust in 2015.

Tony Waiters was manager of Argyle between 1972 and 1977 which was a golden period for the club.  Tony guided Argyle to the League Cup Semi-Final in 1973-74 and promotion to Division Two in 1974-75.   

The video is some of Tony’s interview with Gordon Sparks at the Reunion Lunch held by the Argyle Legends and Green Taverners on 24th February 2019.

Take a walk down the old Home Park Tunnel. 

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