Michael Foot Interview 2005

Michael Foot Interview 2005

Early in 2005, John Lloyd interviewed Michael Foot for an article in Pasty News (the London Branch newsletter), and very kindly sent the recording to share on Greens on Screen.

It must have been quite something for John: to sit back and listen to a man who has experienced nine decades of Plymouth Argyle, almost back to the earliest days. And what a performance from Michael, when you think that he was nearly 92 years old when the interview was recorded.

Random memories: Millwall, Jack Cock. Robert Jack, Paul Sturrock, FA Cup 84, West Brom, Derby, Brian Clough, Peter Shilton, Fred Craig.
Random opinions: Peter Jones, conking out, David Friio, if it hadn’t been for the war, away support.
Argyle in the Premiership? He gets his age wrong at the start of this clip by the way. Michael was 92 that July.
Joining the board, and speaking for Tony Blair. A shorter clip this time, and the last in the series.

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