Home Park Floodlight

Home Park Floodlight

This light is the last survivor of the floodlights that illuminated Home Park from 1958 to 2002.  Home Park had 4 pylons with arrays of these lamps.   The pylons were disposed of in 2002 as part of the horseshoe redevelopment.  However, one light survived.

Thanks to Gary McGuire of the Green Taverners the light has recently been fitted and is a fully functioning spotlight in the ground floor bar. Look out for it the next time you pay a visit..

When we were approached by a fan about the possibility of the Archive receiving a floodlight that had survived the Home Park redevelopment in the early 2000s it was hard to believe that one had actually survived. The fan in question, Andy Byford, had possessed the light for over 20 years and now wished it, somehow, to be displayed for all fans to enjoy. Here Andy tells how he came to rescue the floodlight:

After an end of season home game back in the early 2000s, I went to the old Far Post Club for a pint and was amazed to see dozens of floodlights from the recently removed Barn Park End pylons, unceremoniously dumped out the back in a skip. 


It seemed criminal to me that part of our heritage was destined for landfill, so I asked a club official if I could retrieve one of the lights. To my surprise, he said yes. I then attempted to board a CityBus, only to be told: “you’re not coming on ‘ere with that, mate!” so I took it home in a minicab to West Hoe


After a stern telling off from my wife for using our bathtub to remove around 40 years of accumulated dirt from the lamp and its cowling, this beautiful piece of Argyle history sat in our flat for several years while I figured out what to do with it. 


Enter my friends Matt Ellacott and Bob Wright from the excellent Argyle Archive, and we formulated a plan for the light to return to Home Park to once again be put into service, this time as a stage light at the Green Taverners building.  


While I was sorry to see it go, it seemed only right to let all Argyle fans enjoy this unique piece of salvaged Greens’ history and to put it on permanent loan to the Archive in our very own supporters’ bar. 


I’m very proud to return the last remaining old floodlight to its rightful home at Argyle and I can’t wait to see it up in pride of place, alongside the other priceless mementoes of our wonderful club. 

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