About PAHA

The Argyle Archive – Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive to give it its full title – is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit body dedicated to preserving and promoting the heritage of Plymouth Argyle Football Club. Formed at the end of the 2016-17 promotion season by enthusiastic fans, with support from the football club, PAHA is a registered company whose articles promote cooperation between fans and club to safeguard memorabilia and other items of historical interest for the enjoyment of generations to come.

In summary, its objects are to:

  • acquire, preserve, maintain and display memorabilia and other artefacts associated with Plymouth Argyle Football Club and its antecedents; and
  • research, collect, collate and archive facts, documents or other materials of educational, artistic and/or historical value, which shall be made available in the public domain for research and perusal purposes.

The company’s Articles of Association embodies PAHA’s fundamental aim that fans and club work together, and ensures that neither has overall control. Above all, PAHA was formed to preserve, promote and educate, without profit.

In formal terms, Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with company number 10728762.

The company’s registered address is: Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive, Home Park, Plymouth, Devon, PL2 3DQ.

The company’s directors are:

  • Russell Moore (Chair) – Since his first match in July 1972, Russell has been a regular at Home Park. A keen collector of Argyle programmes and memorabilia, he has a particular interest in Home Park and recently collated the history of the ground in his book ‘Home Park, Plymouth, a Pictorial History’.
  • Steve Dean – Born in the same year as Home Park’s grandstand, Steve was first allowed through the Barn Park turnstiles at the age of nine, in the season that Argyle hosted the famous double-winning Spurs side in the FA Cup. With children and now grandchildren nurtured as Greens, he and his wife are season-ticket holders in the Lyndhurst. On Boxing Day 1998, Steve came up with the idea of Greens on Screen, a website he has managed ever since.
  • Bob Wright – Born in North Wales, Bob, like many people, got hooked on Argyle when he came down to Plymouth to join the Royal Navy in the 1970s. He enjoys photography and has been taking photos for Greens on Screen for the last seven years. Along with four other members of his family, he has a season ticket in the Devonport End.
  • Martyn Starnes – Plymouth Argyle’s Chief Executive Officer
  • Rick Cowdrey – Plymouth Argyle’s Head of Communications